How to embed athlete search on your website

Clubs, High Schools, Teams, and Recruiting Services using ProductiveRecruit can utilize our athlete search embed widget to add a robust athlete search tool to their website. This is perfect for adding athlete search functionality to your site so college coaches can discover your athletes and view their profiles. Below is an example of what it looks like.

How it works


Coaches (or anyone else on your site) can filter for athletes on the below criteria. Filters can also be cleared or hidden.

  • Name (text) (search an athlete by their name)
  • School (text) (search an athlete by their high school)
  • Grad Year (dropdown) (search by grad year)
  • Sport(s) (multi-select dropdown) (Search athletes that play one or multiple sports)
  • Position (text) (search athletes by position)
  • Gender (dropdown) (search by geder)

Athlete Profile Cards

Athletes are displayed in two columns with up to 20 per page. We order athletes by their profile completion percentage, with those with the highest percentage ranking towards the top. This is to encourage your athletes to complete their profiles to stand out. It also provides the best experience for college coaches by not wasting their time with incomplete information.

We will add links to their profile(s). If the athlete has two profiles, we will display links to both.

How to install it on your site

1. Go to the settings page

2. Navigate to the integrations tab

If you are a recruiting service, you will have the option to select the account you want to create the widget for. If you want all your athletes included, select "All Accounts":

3. Copy the embed code by clicking "Copy"

4. Paste the code into your website editor

The embed code is standard HTML. You can paste it into any website builder (e.g. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace) or custom applications. Just copy and paste the embed code to the page of your site where you want the athlete search widget to live.

How to install with Wix

How to install with Squarespace

How to install with

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