Quick Start Guide — Individual Teams

Welcome to ProductiveRecruit! When you sign up for a new account, you won't have any athlete or admin users yet. After creating your team, you should invite your athlete and admin users. 

Quick start checklist:

  1. Invite your athletes and other admin. Learn how with this article.
  2. Configure your team profile. Learn how with this article.
  3. Setup recruiting checklists (optional). Learn how with this article.
  4. Setup your account information and logo. Learn how with this article.

Further reading

Once you get athletes in the system, you need to learn how to view their activity, assign them tasks, and help them through the recruiting process. Check out the below articles to learn more:

All of our articles on our organization features can be found here: https://docs.productiverecruit.com/category/48-club-high-school-and-team-features

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