Recruiting Agencies: How to create and manage accounts

As a recruiting agency account, you can create and manage multiple sub-accounts to organize your clients.

By default, we will create a Client Athletes account where you can organize your individual client athletes (if you have such an offering). You can also create accounts for teams, clubs, leagues, high schools, school districts, and events.

You can create as many accounts as you want and are only charged based on the number of athletes you need. Only active athletes are counted towards your bill. If you delete or disable an athlete, they will not be counted.

Accounts tab for our example Recruiting Agency accountAccounts tab for our example recruiting agency account.

This guide will go over:

  1. Creating a new account
  2. Updating an existing account
  3. Removing an account

Creating a new account

  1. Head to the accounts tab
  2. Click "Create New Account"
  3. Fill out the form and click "Create Account"

Once you click "Create New Account," you will be taken to a form to fill in the account information. Fill in the accounts name, sport (mark N/A if multiple sports), account type, number of athlete accounts, number of teams, and number of admins they can add.

Note: for the number of athlete accounts, we will tell you the number available to assign in parentheses (in the example above, we see ten are available).

Below the account information fields, there is a section where you can optionally invite the main admin for this account. 

While you will always be able to access any sub-account as the main admin of a recruiting agency, it may be necessary for the sub-account to have the main admin that runs the account for their organization. For example, if your client is a high school, you may add the Athletic Director as the main admin.

If you do not want to invite the main admin, select "Do not create new admin."

When you're done, click "Create Account."

Updating an existing Account

To update an account's settings and set its logo, click "manage" under an account name, and then click the settings tab:

You can even upload a logo for the account at the bottom. This will show on their team and player profiles.

Once you have updated the information, click "Save."

Removing an account

Warning: if you delete an account, all teams and athletes under that account will be permanently deleted, so proceed with caution.

You can delete an account by clicking the red trash icon at the right of an account row and confirming:

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