How to impersonate users

Admins can impersonate athletes to log in and view their account as they would see it. This is useful for checking in on their favorites list or helping them set up their profile.

Recruiting agency admins can also impersonate their admin users.

How to impersonate athlete users

From the athletes' tab, you can click impersonate from any athlete row to impersonate that athlete:

You can also impersonate an athlete directly from the athlete information page:

Once you impersonate an athlete, you will be taken to their dashboard. From there, you can interact with their account as they would. You can end the impersonation session by clicking "Stop impersonating" in the top navbar:

How to impersonate admin users

Main admins for recruiting agencies can also impersonate their admin users. Head over to the admins' tab for an account and click impersonate on an admin row:

You can also impersonate an admin user from the admin information page:

Just like with an athlete, you will click "Stop Impersonating" to exit the impersonation session:

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