Managing Tasks and Checklists with Inbox

Managing recruiting tasks is easy with ProductiveRecruit. Easily add a task to any favorite page, or if you were given an account as part of your organization, your coaches can assign you tasks and checklists.

This guide will cover:

  1. How to add a task for a specific program
  2. How to mark your task complete
  3. How to mark checklist items complete (checklists are currently only offered to team, club, high school, and recruiting service customers)

Adding a task for a specific college program

To add a task for a specific program, head to the favorite page for the college. Once there you can add a task under the task widget on the top left of the page:

Click the "+" icon and fill in the description, due date/time, and the assigned user (usually yourself). Then click "Add Task" to save it:

You will now see your task listed in the task widget:

Marking your task complete

There are two ways to mark a task complete:

  1. Via the favorite page
  2. Via the inbox (when the task is overdue)

To mark a task complete from the favorite page, simply click the checkbox in the task row:

To mark an overdue task complete from the inbox, head to the "Inbox" tab:

By default, all your overdue tasks will be shown. You can filter to show all your tasks. To mark a task complete, click "Done":

How to mark checklist items complete

If you signed up to ProductiveRecruit as part of an organization, your coaches can assign you recruiting checklists. Checklists are a series of tasks you can complete to stay on track during the college recruiting process. After you are assigned a checklist, you will get email notifications with due dates and instructions, and can also review those inside the platform.

To view your checklists, go to the "Inbox" tab and then click the "Checklists" tab:

From there you can click on any checklist (For example, the "Soccer Recruiting Checklist" shown above). From there you can see all the remaining steps and click "Mark Complete" to complete the step. Once you complete all steps for a checklist, you coach will be notified:

That's it! You're ready to manage tasks and checklists on ProductiveRecruit!  🎉

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