Sending and Tracking Emails to College Coaches

Emailing college coaches is one of the best tools you can utilize to get recruited. Be sure to read our complete (and free) guide on emailing college coaches on our blog.

This guide will cover the following:

  1. How to navigate to the favorites page where emails can be sent
  2. How to set your email signature and reply-to address
  3. How to send emails
  4. How to track email opens
  5. How to track if a coach has viewed your profile

To email a coach, you first need to navigate to a college favorite page by clicking the gray cog icon at the far right of the college favorite row, or the "Manage Process" button for a college on the college search or college info page:

Navigating to the favorites page

Note: you will only see the "Manage Process" button once the college is favorited.

Once you land on the college favorites page you can click the "Email" button a the top to open the email editor:

Setting your email signature and reply-to address

When the email editor opens, your signature will get appended to the bottom of the email by default. Your signature can be updated on the settings page. We recommend you leave the "View my profile" link inside your signature so that profile view tracking works correctly.

Your reply-to email address is where you want to receive replies from college coaches. This will be set to your login email by default, but feel free to update this here. This will most likely be your Gmail, Yahoo, or other personal email address. In the example below, it is using my work email address (which is hooked up to Gmail). 

Once you set your signature and reply-to address click save to update them.

Sending an email

After clicking the "Email" button, you need to set the "to" and "subject" fields before writing the email body:

Once you compose your message and add any attachments, click "Send" to send your email:

Tracking the email

Once you've sent the email, it will be saved as an activity and its status will update to "outbox". Once our mail servers send the message it will be marked as "delivered". And if a coach opens the email it will be marked as "opened" as shown below:

There is also a small chance something goes wrong. In this case, you will see a red "failed" status. Get in touch with us if you have questions about this. It is most likely due to a typo in the email address, or due to a coach changing jobs very recently before we've updated it on our end.

Tracking if a coach has viewed your profile

If your email contains a hyperlink to your ProductiveRecruit profile, we can track if a coach opens the profile from the email. If you haven't updated your signature, your profile link should already be there where it says "view my profile". However, you can easily link it utilizing the link tool inside the email editor. After you paste in your link click save and the link should set correctly:

Ok, so now that your profile link is in the email you can send it as normal. Once your profile has been viewed, you will get an email notification with the subject line "🚨 New ProductiveRecruit Profile View 🚨":

In addition, an activity will be logged to mark the profile as viewed like this:

That's it, you're ready to start sending and tracking emails from ProductiveRecruit!  🎉

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