Managing College Favorites

Our college favorites manager allows you to rank and keep track of your favorite college programs. These should be the colleges that you believe to be the best fit, but feel free to favorite any college you'd like.

  1. How to favorite a college program
  2. How to re-rank favorites
  3. How to update the status of a college favorite
  4. How to delete a college favorite

How to favorite a college program

To favorite a college program, click the "Favorite" button on any college search card or college info page:

How to re-rank college favorites

Once you have more than one college favorited, you can re-rank them from the favorites tab:

For example, if I click the up arrow, the University of Michigan will move to my top-ranked school.

How to update the status of a college favorite

Throughout the process, you should make sure to keep the current recruiting status for each favorite up to date. To update the status for a favorite, navigate to the recruiting process page for the college by clicking the "cog" icon in the favorite row:

Once you're on the recruiting process page, you can update the status in the "General Details" section:

Simply select the status you want and it will update automatically. The new status will now show on the favorites page.

How to delete a favorite college

You should constantly be updating your favorites list so that it is up to date. You can easily remove a college from your list by clicking the red trash icon at the far right of a college favorite row:

Once you click this icon, a pop-up will appear to confirm the deletion. The system will then update the remaining schools' ranks.

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