Quick Start Guide — Athletes

Welcome to ProductiveRecruit! When you sign up for a new account, your profile will be incomplete. After completing your profile, you should start researching college programs and building your favorites list. Once you know which schools you're interested in, you can begin contacting college coaches! 🚀

Quick start checklist:

  1. Complete your profile. This guide will help.
  2. Research programs with the college search tool. Learn how with this article.
  3. Build your favorites list. Learn how with this article.
  4. Start contacting college coaches. Learn how to with this article.

Complete your profile

After you signup, you will see the profile completion widget on the dashboard. You will start a 0%, and once you're done, you will be at 100%. You will see a list of action items you need to complete to get your profile to 100% complete:

Follow the profile actions until they are all complete. It's ok if you're missing things like videos and references. You can always get those later. Once you've completed everything, you should see the profile completion hit 100%:

Research programs with the college search tool

Start playing around with our college search tool to discover colleges that are an excellent fit for you. Search by sport, division, location, major, test scores, cost, and more! Please read  our article on this feature to learn more.

Build your favorites list

Favorite some of your target schools to build out your favorites list. You can set a status, rank, and manage the entire recruiting process with each program. Please read  our article on this feature to learn more.

Start contacting college coaches.

Once you have your favorites list, it's time to start contacting coaches. Please read our article on using this feature and our in-depth guide on how to email college coaches.

Further reading

In addition to emailing coaches, you can also add notes, log calls, and manage tasks from a college favorite page. Check out the below articles to learn more:

All of our articles on athlete features can be found here: https://docs.productiverecruit.com/category/47-athlete-features

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