How to add accolades to your profile

On your ProductiveRecruit profile, you are able to add as many accolades as you want. Accolades are a great way to showcase all your relevant academic and athletic accomplishments.

Adding accolades to your profile

1. Log in to your ProductiveRecruit account and click the Profiles tab. Select the profile you want to edit and click "Edit Profile"

2. Click the accolades tab and then click "Add Accolade". A form should pop up that allows you to add your accolade.

3. Add a name, year, and description for your accolade.

4. Click "Save" when you're done adding in your accolade information and you're all set! You should see your accolade listed on the accolades tab on your edit profile page.

5. To see how it looks on your live profile, click "View Live Profile" in the navbar and navigate to the accolades section.

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