How to create and assign tasks to athletes

Our partner dashboard allows Partner administrators to assign general tasks to athletes individually when in impersonation mode or in bulk from the athletes page.

Assigning Tasks in impersonation mode

When you impersonate an athlete, you login as them and have full control over their account. In short, you see what they see when they login

  • To impersonate an athlete, you can click "Impersonate" from any row on the athletes page or from an individual athlete info page.
  • Please review this guide that explains how athletes can create and manage tasks to learn how to assign tasks in impersonation mode.
  • Note that when assigning a task in impersonation mode, we will send the athlete an email letting them know that they have a new task.

Assigning Tasks from the athletes

These steps assume you know how to use bulk actions. Please read this to learn more first.

  1. Navigate to the athletes page.
  2. Select one or multiple athletes.
  3. Click the bulk actions dropdown
  4. Select Assign Task
    1. Now you should see a modal dialog appear on the screen
  5. Enter in the task description
  6. Set a due date
  7. Click Save
  8. When saved, each athlete will get an email notification for the new task.

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