How to create and manage tasks

Productive Recruit allows you to create recruiting process tasks so that you can stay organized throughout the recruiting process. We show you all your tasks on the home page and filter to your overdue tasks by default so you can see what needs attention most urgently. You can filter tasks, mark them complete, and create new ones from the home page.

Steps to create a Recruiting Process Task

From the Home Page

  1. Navigate to the home page
  2. Click 'New Task" in the top right
  3. Fill in the task description
  4. Set a due date
  5. Select a recruiting process to link to (optional)
    1. This will make sure the task is linked to an open recruiting process on your account, showing the college logo and linking to the process page
    2. Do this if the task is specific to a single college program
  6. Click Save

From any Recruiting Process Page

  1. Navigate to any recruiting process from the processes tab
  2. Click the plus button on top of the Tasks widget
  3. Set a description
  4. Set a due date
  5. Click save

Note: this task will not show up on the home page as well!

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