Partner Onboarding Guide

Creating athlete accounts

After your account is created, the first thing you need to do is create your athlete accounts. There are two ways to do this:

1. Manually create athlete accounts from the athletes tab.

2. Import them via csv

This process is currently handled internally by us and we will do this for you if you can provide us a csv with the following information for each athlete:

  • Name, email, gender, grad year (optional, but helpful), team, and sport.

Creating your teams and assigning athletes to them

In the case your organization is a club, team, or high school, organizing your athletes into teams can be very advantageous. It will allow you to have online and downloadable team brochures that you can share with coaches and bring to showcases.

1. Manually create teams from the team's tab.

2. Import them via csv or table

This process is currently handled internally by us, and we will do this for you. Please provide us with the team name and coach info (Optional: coach email, coach name, and coach phon number). In addition, when providing the athlete csv, please note which team the athlete is on. This helps us associate each athlete with their team right away.

3. Assign athletes to teams Via Bulk Actions

Adding Admin Users

While it is not necessary to have more than one admin, it can be helpful to have multiple people managing your account. Go to the users tab. Admins will have full capabilities aside from editing the account information.

Continued Support

We will be available to answer any questions via email, or jump on a call to go over anything you need support with.

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