How to use bulk actions

Our partner dashboard allows Partner administrators to manage their athlete accounts, so that they can be in full control of their athletes' success. Bulk actions allow partners to update one, multiple, or all athletes at the same time.

What actions can I perform?

Assign tasks

  • Assign to team(s) (if you have already created a team)
  • Unassign from team
  • Assign to Checklists(s) (if you have already created a checklist)
  • Unassign from Checklist
  • Mark as disabled
  • Mark as Active
  • Export to CSV

Follow these steps to take advantage of bulk actions

  1. Navigate to the athletes tab
  2. Select the individual athletes you want to update, or click the top most checkbox to select all.
    1. Note: If you want to select all athletes across multiple pages (in the case you have more than 10 athletes), you should click Select All.
  3. Click the bulk actions drop down
  4. Select the action you want to perform
    1. Note: in the case of disabling athletes, you will get a confirmation modal that you must confirm.
  5. If you choose "Assign Checklist", "Assign Team", "Unassign Checklist", or "Unassign Team" you will need to select the checklist or teams you want to assign to the selected athletes. If an athlete has already been assigned to a checklist, they will not be assigned again.

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