How to create and assign checklists to your athletes

Create recruiting checklists for your athletes to keep them on track during the recruiting process. Productive Recruit allows you to create customized checklists for your athletes, allowing you to create an organized set of tasks with instructions and due dates, or make them dynamic with a drip checklist. Once you create checklists you can assign them to athletes when creating accounts, from the athlete info page, or from the athlete's tab via bulk actions.

Note: When a checklist is assigned to an athlete, updates to the checklist will not update the steps for the athlete. Make sure to only assign checklists to athlete's once it is set up correctly. If you assign a checklist to an athlete and then update the checklist steps, you will need to unassign the athlete from the checklist, and then reassign it to them.

Recruiting Checklist Demo Video

Creating a new checklist instructions

1. Navigate to the checklists tab

2. Name the checklist and provide an optional description. Note that this description is for internal purposes and is not meant for instructions. You should also select the type (drip or basic) and a start date.

Drip checklists: drip checklists allow you to drip out content dynamically based on when an athlete is enrolled.

Basic checklists: basic checklists allow you to set the exact date content will be sent the athletes.

Once you fill out the information, click "Create Steps".

3. Create your checklist steps. Each step should have a name, and instructions on what needs to be done. For basic checklists, you can add a due date. Note: if you do not assign a due date for a step on a basic checklist, the athlete will never receive an email notification for that step. 

For drip checklists, here you can set your trigger in and due in times. You can select these times in minutes, hours, or days. The "trigger in" field determines when the athlete will get the email notification relative to when they enroll or reach that step. So for example, a step that triggers in 10 minutes will email the athlete 10 minutes after an athlete enters that step.

You can also reorder your steps by dragging them to different positions. In most cases, placing them in order of their due date is the best practice.

Assigning the Checklist to your athletes

1. If you are creating a new athlete account and you already have checklists created, you will see check boxes that allow you to assign checklists to athletes when their account is created.

2. You can also assign checklists to athletes from the athlete information page. You can get to the athlete information page by clicking "more info" from an athlete row on the athlete's tab. Once you are on the athlete information page, click "Checklists" in the top right. You will then be taken to a page where you can see their current checklists series, or assign them to a new one.

3. You can also assign athletes to checklists via bulk actions. Please read our guide on bulk actions for more info.

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