How to setup your online recruiting profile

How to setup your online recruiting profile in Productive Recruit

The recruiting process is crazy, so we built a tool to organize it efficiently and get rid of the stress. When you start the process with different colleges in Productive Recruit, you get a unique page where you can keep track of all recruiting activities and communications specific to that college. This page allows you to add tasks, log notes, and track emails to the coaches from that college - helping you run all your recruiting communications with clear visibility and context.

Steps to setup your online recruiting profile

  1. Navigate to the profile page.
  2. Click on the different tabs like academics and athletics, add your info, and click save. You can update this anytime!
  3. Remember - the more filled out a profile is, the higher chance it will stand out to coaches. We have built a progress bar at the top that shows you how complete your profile is.
  4. Click the "View Live Profile ->" link to navigate to your public online profile.
  5. Share your live profile with coaches via email, on your Twitter profile, or wherever you'd like! Note that coaches will not find this on their own, you have to put in the work to get recruited - share it with them!

Setup your online recruiting profile

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