How to email college coaches on Productive Recruit

How emailing works on ProductiveRecruit

When you email a college coach from ProductiveRecruit, you are really sending an email from your personal email address (ex: [email protected]) to the coach's personal email address. The best part is that these emails are plain text and contain no ProductiveRecruit branding meaning the coach will view it like any other personal email they get. This is very important because coaches generally dislike mass mails sent from platforms. 

Another advantage you get from sending emails via ProductiveRecruit is that you can see when a coach opens your email. Do note that replies to your emails will go to your personal email inbox and not ProductiveRecruit (again, this is because you are sending from your personal address).

Steps to email a coach from ProductiveRecruit

  1. Navigate to any recruiting process page. If you haven't started a process yet, head to the coach search tool to do so.
  2. Click the email button at the top part of the screen to open up a new email editor.
  3. Select the coaches your want to email.
  4. Set your subject line
  5. Write your email body
  6. [Optional] Add any attachments
  7. Click "Save Draft" or "Send".

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